Was The PS5 Launch Games Line-up Leaked?

Jun 08 2020

Earlier today, this morning, a Twitch ad for the Playstation 5 reveal aired before it was officially announced, leaking the date and time of the conference. This was confirmed a few hours later on the Playstation Twitter.

Credited Game News Tweeter, Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) tweeted about this leak, along with an image of the ad. He then posted in a thread to that original tweet, a video showing the ad for the PS5 reveal event. In another reply to that video he posted that the ENTIRE launch games line-up was leaked, alongside a link, which should detail the entire launch line-up.

This tweet was then retweeted by another credited twitter news source, Nibel (@Nibellion). This leads to the likely conclusion that multiple PS5 related pieces of news have been leaked today. The original link ( https://bit.ly/3h0LLI5 ) should detail the entire launch line-up for the Playstation 5, which is exciting for fans to hear. I however, do not like spoilers. Therefore, i cannot see the source of the leak, nor the website it was posted on to verify the credibility of the leak. Feel free to go to the link to verify them yourself, or just to check out the Playstation 5's launch line-up.