How to Make Leblanc's Curry from Persona 5

Apr 01 2020

In Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal (the royal edition of Persona 5 with additional content, and reworked dungeons), and Persona 5 scramble, you play as Ren Amamiya. An accused delinquent who is exiled from his family's home and is forced to live in the attic of a cafe, run by Sojiro Sakura, a man whose hobbies include beard trimming, womanizing, getting harassed by shady men, and making curry, Leblanc. In Persona 5, you can deepen your bond with my homie, Sojie, to have him teach you his curry recipe, where you can make and consume it to regain some of your party's SP.


to celebrate the launch of Persona 5: Scramble, one day before the western release of the preceding game, the Sony of Japan twitter account posted a minute long video detailing the infamous curry recipe. Now we don't speak japanese, so we dont really know the ingredients, proportions, or anything exactly. luckily for us, i have cooked a few meals before so you could say i know my way around the kitchen, here are the ingredients, its honestly close enough.


- beef

- salt

- pepper


proceed to pan fry it til the outside is slightly brown

add some red wine, fill the rest of the pan with water to cover the beef

add a single bay leaf on top

place to the side


now, a bunch of secret ingredients are shown, and i mean that literally because they're blurred out.


the most noticeable ingredients are wasabi, cinnamon sticks, and soy/Worcestershire sauce, so just use a large amount of those three to substitute for the other ingredients


(in a pan)

- diced onion


cook til caramelized, then add


- diced garlic

- mysterious ball of mush

- grated carrot

- grated apple or ginger?

- a lot of a spice that looks to be cumin

- ladle of beef broth

add finished beef from earlier


wait for it to cook down and thicken up


- salt

- maybe like nuts or smth, idk

- chocolate square

- mystery block

- brown sauce, probably the soy/Worcestershire mentioned earlier

- either sour creme or yogurt

- syrupy looking liquid

let it cook down, and serve



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