How Pre-ordering Destiny 2 at 60$ Gave Me Trust Issues

Jul 01 2020

Let me set a scene for you, the year is 2017, you bought Destiny 1 on the Xbox 360 and remember enjoying it a lot. And you learn that later this year Destiny 2 will be releasing. In an excited rush you head to the Xbox store and pre-order the game for full-price. When the date comes you install it and enjoy it for several hours until you get distracted and end up dropping the game. After two years after the release, you see that Destiny 2 is going free-to-play. Hey, i'm Jaiye and Destiny 2 gave me severe trust issues.

While i was never super into Destiny, i enjoyed my time with it. 2017 was also the year that i really got into gaming, with paying more attention to what's going on. Which lead to me dropping games that didn't interest me too much, or that i enjoyed then got bored of, Destiny 2 falls into that category. This taught me to not pre-order a game that i only think i may like. Also Destiny 2 went from 60$ to 40$ to 30$ to 20$ to 10$ and After learning that it was going F2P in late 2019, it hit me like a brick made of much denser brick. It taught me an important lesson. A lesson that everyone should learn: don't buy a game near release because it will get much cheaper. While Destiny 2 going from 60$ to free is a bit of an extreme situation. It acts as a hyperbole that teaches a lesson that can be applied to any game. Where games devalue with time, and is the reason why i no longer buy a game in the release year, or maybe even the year after. 

That being said, Paper Mario is releasing in less than 3 weeks, and i know that the past few games haven't exactly been "good". But this one will be totally different, the trailers make it look good so how could it be a bad game.