What Happened to Wedge's Two Other Cats?

May 07 2020

Spoiler Warning for Chapter 11 and onward in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII has a cast of thrilling and well-written characters. This even extends to the minor side characters, who are a part of Avalanche. Just from playing the main story you feel like you actually know Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. Which is a huge compliment when in other well reviewed JRPGS, I feel like they really decided to go with every side character bends to the will of the protagonist and succeeds through the power of friendship, like in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

However, the most important characters, the ones that immedietely capture your heart on the first glance, are Wedge's three cats. At the end of chapter 12, with the destruction of Sector 7's Plate, we see Wedge trying to round up his cats to escape. He's holding one, with two right below him, between his legs. With one important detail, Whisper's are surrounding him, the arbiters of fate are preventing him from evacuating with his cats, and making sure that a giant piece of plate falls directly onto him and his cats.


In the next chapter we learn that Wedge is alive, and we're lead to him by one of the cats. We're lead to assume this is the cat that Wedge is holding, as he protected the cat from the rubble with his body, and since Wedge is alive, so must be the cat that's being held. However, the other two cats were directly under him. He was able to protect all three cats.

This leads us to two conclusions about the well-being of Wedge's cats. with the fact that wedge is alive, and he was able to protect all three cats from the rubble with his body, this means that either all three cats are alive, or THIS IS THE BIGGEST CONTINUITY ERROR IN ALL OF FINAL FANTASY.