Since Games are Art, and VNs consist of art. Why aren't they games.

Jul 27 2020

Why Aren't Visual Novels Games, According to Some

It's been controversial for some deciding whether games could be considered art. Granted some games are made by EA, riddled with microtranactions, yearly sports games, reskins of last years game with a new roster, made to make money off of a casual audience, or just clones of other games. So yeah, someone could have a point if they buried their head in the sand and only looked at those games. Because when people think of art, they think of a piece that expresses the emotions of the creator, and some games are just Fifa 13 for the Wii. But a lot do infact have heart behind them, anything from action games like NieR:Automata to small experimental indie games like Florence. They all mean something and are undoubtedly art.

On the other side of games: Visual Novels. The game genre that sounds overly underwhelming. Some of the most known visual novels have anime adaptations, like Steins;gate. And with the updated rerelease of Steins;gate called Steins;gate Elite, it uses clips from the anime along with new animations made for non-adapted routes. Which for anyone who hasn't played a visual novel, they usually bring up a point: Where's the gameplay? are visual novels really games? it just seems like an ebook with pictures.

This question, however, is ridiculous. We've established that Video Games, as a medium, is art. Visual Novels consist of two pre-established forms of art: drawings and writing. Through the transitive property, we can firmly say that yes, Visual Novels are undoubtedly Video Games.








also in visual novels you make decisions that lead to branching story paths, and in several visual novels they have point-and-click adventure elements, and even in AI: The Somnium Files in addition to the point and click sections, you also have segments where you walk around in third-person, literally controlling a character and giving the most textbook definition of gameplay possible.