It Is Pride Month. Time to Adopt Shy Guys as the Mascot

Jun 10 2020

For years past June has been Pride Month, and this year is no different. It's now Pride Month 2020. It's time to adopt a mascot, a cute face for the month. Who else would be a better choice than Shy Guys. They're cute. They're colourful. They have 57 variants. and have been an accepting character for years. With variants like the Fat Guy or Gormet Guy, they promote body positivity. In Several Mario games, like Mario Kart 8, Shy Guys have been colour swapped, creating a rainbow of shy guys, so the player can truely express themself in a colour, through the best character in the game. Several variants of shy guys don't follow the look of traditional Shy Guys, like Chuck Guy, Fawful Guy, Boom Guy, Rocket Guy, Robo Shy Guy, Pyro Guy, Woozy Guy, and more, but they are all Shy Guys, and there's no question about it, from the game or from the audience. These variants are accepted for who they are and not doubted, or insulted. Its an obvious allegory for humans, where no matter how different you are from anyone else, you should be accepted without question, with no one staring, glaring, or judging. Which, this allegory allows a certian relatibility between members of the LGBTQ+ community and Shy Guys. This that makes Shy Guys ideal. No one, and i repeat no one, dislikes Shy Guys either. They're objectively the best character in any type of media, ever.