Why is Bomberman R's Spine the Only One With a Custom Logo?

Jul 19 2020


Super Bomberman R was one of the few games that launched alongside the Switch, on March 3rd 2017. It was a suprising return to Konami making a Bomberman game after a Bomberman drought. It made the bold choice of being the only launch game with a spine that has a custom logo, it is still the only Switch game with a custom logo.

Why Konami... just why. No one knows. At this point im starting to doubt if Konami even knows. Was it to stand out on the shelves of game stores because the game itsself isn't anything to write home about? Is it misinformation about the format Switch spines would take? Was it an accident? Did Konami use a random number generator to decide how obnoxious they would be, they got a 10, put a bright custom logo, centered on the box, and a sideways Konami logo?

edit: i see the Wonderful 101 box in the article picture. that doesn't count. that's the kickstarter backer box. don't let this distract you from the chaotic box of Super Bomberman R