How Not Having Mario Pinball Land on Switch is Ruining My Life

Jun 13 2020

Mario Pinball Land: an odd game released for the Gameboy Advance in 2004 where Mario gets compressed into a ball and you go off on an adventure to save Peach. Nothing out of the ordinary there, just your standard Mario plot. However its inclusion on Nintendo's Consoles, or specifically the Virtual Console, has been a staple since the Wii U.

Now we're half way through the Switch's lifespan. The Virtual Console has been replaced, for roughly a year and a half now. Yet we're still dry on different retro Nintendo titles, to the point where its rumoured some may still have their Wii Us plugged in. We have NES and SNES titles, still with key titles missing. Like Pictionary (NES), with that we're completely missing out on Tim Follin's fantastic title theme. and Super Mario RPG (SNES), the last Square title before they were relegated to developing spin-offs for the Mario series, i.e. Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Mario Sports Mix, and Fortune Street (Wii).

However, its obvious theres a problem with how Nintendo is delivering their retro titles this generation, so it's not like im bringing up a new point. What i've said has been said a hundred times over in youtube videos, who try to hide behind the guise of humour to hide how unjustifiably angry they are with a multi-billion dollar company. The point of this is to show how not having Mario Pinball Land on my Switch is detrimental to my health. Which it's not like im reaching either.

We should go over the general pros and cons to this situation. Pros: the switch has thousands of games, dozens of games are free to you through NSO, its good to try new games and there are a few niche games on NSO already, you're paying a low monthly/yearly amount for online and get these as a bonus so its no that bad, Mario compression into a ball is probably somebody's kink. Cons: you cannot play this one really stupid Mario spin-off developed by a development team who ONLY made pinball games, and you're missing out on Shy Guys.

Now comes to the final question, you may still be wondering, okay sure, i agree with you and will support your quest to get Mario Pinball Land on the Switch, but how is it negatively affecting your health? Wonderful question, well first off i cant play it, and sometimes i just really want to put Mario Pinball Land up on my Tv to share Ball-Mario with whoever the hell is nearby. Next, I end up overthinking and realizing how little i amount to, when i could be doing that AND playing Mario Pinball Land on my Nintendo Switch. but the most important way that it affects me, one thats obvious, but only in hindsight.. Is that I wrote this whole damn article about a dumb pinball game from 2004, made by some british guys that worked out of a brewery until they got absorbed by a mobile game studio. How could you not see that this is by far the most obvious and drastic way it is affecting me.