What Can We Learn About The Origami King From Super Paper Mario?

Jun 28 2020

The release of Paper Mario: The Origami King is fast approaching, and Nintendo has kept the details of the game fairly blurry. This leads us to think the game is going to be a wild suprise when it releases, with us only vaguely knowing a few mechanics and partners of the game. Like Paper Mario's ARMS DLC design.

That brings the question: what can we learn from past Paper Mario games, specifically Super Paper Mario? Super Paper Mario was a radical departure from the paper mario series, as it straight up wasn't a traditional RPG. put simply, it was an unique platformer with rpg elements, and a focus on story.

So what can we learn about the Origami King from Super Paper Mario? Nearly Nothing. it doesnt even have close to the same visual style.

However that information is still important. At the time of the release Nintendo had two Mario RPGs going: Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. These two RPGs were very different and didn't even release on the same device (til the 3ds) but it is theorized that Nintendo saw the two as competing with each other, and decided to keep making Paper Mario more and more different, while the Mario & Luigi series got to be a more "traditional" RPG.With AlphaDream, the developers of the Mario & Luigi series, now sadly gone there are no two competing Mario RPGs. This lets us know the very important fact that this game, will probably not be a platformer like Super Paper Mario .