Minecraft Dungeons Made Me a Furry

Jun 08 2020

Mojang's newest released is giving gamers more than they expected...

Mojang Studio's recent release "Minecraft Dungeons" has made waves across the internet for all the wrong reasons, with players around the world being unwillingly transformed into furries. “Minecraft Dungeons made me a furry” claims Twitter user @ZachAnimations, showing a screenshot of his clearly fetishized “Fox Armour”. While I may not personally be a furry, I can clearly see why this armor is so attractive. The cute little fox ears, adorable paws, and viciously ripped up shirt make it obvious why gamers across the world are getting so “distracted” by this armor.

The character “Steve” may look cute as heck in his little fox outfit, but that isn’t even the least of these problems. The core issue is the amount of options the game gives you to become a furry. Not only does the game have Fox Armor but it also contains Wolf and Spider armor sets as well. After some research I’ve come to conclude that the Fox Armour gives off a “sub/cute” vibe, the Wolf Armor gives off a “dom/strong” vibe, and the Spider Armour gives off a “cool/switch” vibe. In contrast to the fox’s cute pointy ears the wolf receives large, strong, hunky block ears that have been described as making players feel “warm and safe”. In conclusion, the fuzzy and wawm armor sets seem in Minecraft Dungeons, despite being totes adorbs, have dangerous effects on the mentality and sexuality of the people who play the game.