What does the PS5 Mean (for the Future of Gaming)?

Jun 12 2020

Yesterday was the official PS5 reveal event and we received a plethora of new information. Sony unveiled several varied games, indie and AAA, all with unique worlds and aesthetics. We got a look at the official, presumably finalized design of the PS5. Along with several accessories. We even got the official reveal of the PS5 slogan, "Play Has No Limits". But we all know that this wasnt the initial slogan.

Before this event the slogan used with PS5 marketing was "The Future of Gaming". What does this change in slogan signify? Does it mean that Sony no longer believes that the PS5 will be the future of gaming? While unlikely, this sudden shift of motto has gotten (probably) plenty of fans talking about the change. However, even though the motto is now different, it is time to answer, definitely, what The PS5 means for the future of gaming.

If you allow yourself to take a step back and look at the big picture. Think about Sony's history with their line of home consoles. The answer becomes clear. The PS5 means The Playstation 5.