The Disappointed Creator of Cyberpunk, Says Its "Not an Aspiration"

Jun 14 2020

"Cyberpunk Was a Warning, Not an Aspiration" says Mike Pondsmith, the disappointed creator of the Cyberpunk genre

In a recent statement by a very beaten and worn Mike Pondsmith, he clarifies that our present is looking too similar to what he envisoned cyberpunk as, and that it was a warning of what could come, not what we should apire to be. The fact is that no one wants their world looking similar to a dystopian future, especially one that was supposed to be fictional.

With the explosion of the Cyberpunk genre over the past few decades, we have gotten a clearer and clearer vision to what Cyberpunk exactly is. With police brutaility taking the lives of people like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and a number of others that aren't getting the attention they deserve (links to help here). We can see how similar our world is, from a "political" viewpoint, to a Cyberpunk world. With our world getting worse and worse, and having the general public being forced to rise up against the people who are supposed to protect us and enforce the law. It's likely that soon cyberpunk media wont be some form of escapism, like media usually is. That being said, lets get cybernetic enhancements, personal AI assistants that can do more than access google. If our world is already This bad off, we might as well go all the way, and have some oddly invasive technology besides Google products.

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