Why Are The Accents in Xenoblade 2 So Split?

Jun 06 2020

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the third entry in the Xenoblade Series, you play as rex, a character who feels very genuine, and like a real human who emotes genuinely. Since the launch of this game, back in 2017, people have been critiquing the questionable voice acting. While it does have its plethora of problems, the one that stood out to me had to do with the lore of the game.

Why, just why are the accents in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so split? There are distinctly American, British and Scottish accents between the different characters. Going off the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 prequel, the characters that we know have had these very distinct accents for atleast 500 years. Going off of history, the modern American and modern British accents are very different, so different that i'm writing a whole article about how they seem out of place in a video game. This divergence in accents was made over the course of 300-400 years. Not only is this lack of continuity confusing, its also incredibly concerning, and a red flag for the quality of this game overall.