Help me, I've played 20 hours of Persona 4 Golden over the past 3 days

Jun 17 2020

This is a cry for help...

The PC Gamer show last Saturday was the shadowdrop of Persona 4 Golden on Switch. A game that was locked onto a dead handheld is now more accessible to the masses. And now that a few days have passed, i've bought it twice, and i have forsaken all semblances of a social life. I can say that its a damn good game. While obviously hindered by the platform it was initially developed on, with low poly models, having lots of objects just be textured instead of modeled, like the Fire Emblem series, and models that dont emote during cutscenes, it's made worse by the fact that the game is now being played on a monitor in 1080p.

However, the game itself is really good, with the plot and writing. So good infact, that i have put 20 hours into it within 3 days. Oh god help me. I haven't done anything else. It's just more and more Persona 4 Golden. I've gotten so infatuated with this game that i started paying attention to the community market, so that i can get all the trading cards, and then the Steam profile background. I mean sure, its making me appreciate how well Steam is made but by god.. I've been on Steam for over 5 years and this is the game to make me pay any attention to it, and really care at all about any supplementary material on Steam. This is not good. For i worry what i will become if this continues. Will i be able to beat this game within a week? who knows? I dont... I mean its like a 70 hour game so probably not, At this rate it may take a bit less than a week and a half, but thats still not good. oh my.